About rIVerse

Since rIVerse first formed in 2012, we have learned that our greatest strength – the quality that makes us stand out from other music groups & content creators – is our diversity. As much as audiences enjoy our quality music, videos & live performances, it is the way we represent so many of the people who do not feel represented in media that draws audiences in and causes them to remain with us throughout our journey.

In our current social climate, it is increasingly important to hear the stories of the LGBTQ community, people of color, body positive movements, and many other marginalized communities. There is a great need to normalize diversity in the mainstream. rIVerse is a group that viewers can see on a stage, watch on their screens, listen to in their daily playlists and they can relate to us. By being our authentic selves and sharing our stories, we offer a sense of hope and inspiration that all people can achieve their dreams and find success.

rIVerse has performed for various audiences over the years to share our music and our message — from festivals to conferences, MasterCard Fashion Week runways to television appearances on Breakfast Television and Global Morning, from Canada to the US to South Korea. We are looking forward to continuing our journey and to reminding others across the globe that we are all Beautiful, we are Worthy, we are Valued and we are Loved.